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Taipei – hot, wet and sticky!

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

 Taipei 101

I am here…

To be honest, I haven’t got my head around Taipei yet. It seems to be a right mixture – a bit like Japan, a bit of Hong Kong, quite a bit of China, and a hint of India. Japan because it wasn’t that long ago that Taiwan had a 50 year occupation by Japan. Hong Kong because it’s been more open to the West and it’s influences and has a certain freedom to it. China, well because most of the peope here are essentially Chinese in origin and the main langauge is quite Mandarin. And India, a little bit because it is hot, tropical, you can see the similar fauna and you can get bitten by mosquitos all day long!!!

I know, you’ll say – well it is a different place, another country. I know, I know. I haven’t quite got my bearings I think, because I am missing Japan. Because it’s another new place after so many and I am on my own again, travelling alone. Also because I am one stop away from home, almost there.

I have got stuck in though and gone to see some sights. The hostel (which leaves a lot to be desired! Cockroach!!) is not far from the station, so I walked from there to Taipei 101, the tallest building at present in the world, standing 508m! That was a bit of a mistake as a few kilometres in China or Japan is not the same as in Taiwan. The heat, or should I say humidity makes it a lot further. I was guzzling water down and getting tired pretty quick, and I realised that I have to take it a bit slower here to start with. [read on]

Zhengzhou to Hong Kong… another blog category, another world.

Friday, April 7th, 2006

Dear all, no more photos today, there is no socket in the Hong Kong City Hall Library for my camera. Oo-err Ihere you say, well exactly. And Honkers Konkers is pretty oo-err missus all round really. I will get more of the final Zhengzhou Yo! photos on when Ican.

I left the school on Tuesday morning in the rain, then after theinternet Ihad a rather large buffet meal, so large in fact that Ihad to get a taxi to the station because I couldn’t walk very far! In my defense though, Iseem to have the heaviest and most bags on the Chinese rail network. Iwas surprised that Ididn’t get some sort of export tax on it all! [read on]