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Getting ready to fly to Lima this morning.  On an unrelated note, it always strikes me as curious how American celebrities allow their images to be used in other countries in ways that would never fly in the States.  For some reason, Edward Norton really wants YOU to eat this GYRO!


Can you imagine Ed Norton or Ben Stiller hocking 7-11 corn dogs in America?  Uh, don’t think so.


2 responses to “Hambriento?”

  1. Lynda says:

    What the hell is “pinging”?
    It’s not “currently” allowed, so does that mean it used to be? or will be in the future?
    I guess I’m not too blog savvy.

  2. Lynda says:

    I forgot to say the Edward Norton sure looks pretty hot in this pic.
    Not the way we usually see him in US films, where he looks kind of “boy next door” to me.
    I guess celebs are willing to do anything for the big bucks, particularly if they think their US audience is unlikely to see the silliness or inappropriateness of some of their foreign ads.

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