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Thailand 1-Bangkok/Ubon

Well once again this is going to be a posting without photos, the computer I am using is in English this time but has no USB port.
We arrived safely in Bangkok and Pareena’s family has taken us in. They are so great, we’ve had a place to stay and they have taken us tons of places, including up to the North East of Thailand where we would never have made it on our own. We visited 2 National parks there, one on the Cambodia border so you actually cross into Cambodia to see the Khmer ruins, the other one with pre-historic cave art right along the Meekong River near the Lao border.
Spending time in the North East was as good as going to a fancy cooking school, I learned how to make all kinds of food even fish sauce from scratch!
Today we are going to hang around BK doing laundry and emailing and try to book our trip to Angkor Wat hopefully leaving tomorrow or the day after.
We will update again either when we get back from Angkor or as soon as I find a computer with a USB port!


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