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Malaysian Food!!!

Many people have asked how the food here is. Well, the alternate title to this post is ‘HOW TO GAIN 8 LBS WHILE SPENDING AN HOUR IN THE GYM EVERY DAY’.
Seriously, the food here is that good. There is every type of food easily available except Mexican, but that’s another story. We have American (TGI Friday’s, A&W, KFC and California Pizza Kitchen — No, Doug, we still havn’t eaten there); Japanese, with sushi on a carousel; and local, where for lunch we get a big plate of rice, chicken, and veggies for 6 ringgit — about a $1.50. Of course there are also thousands of Chinese and Indian restaurants.
The fruit is amazing. I am addicted to papaya, Dave and I have it for breakfast every day. There are also these things called mangosteens that look like beets on the outside and have amazingly sweet white fruit on the inside. Of course, there is also a fruit called durian which looks like a big green spiky ball and smells like dirty socks. We have not actually tried that yet, but we tried it’s relative Jackfruit which is smaller and smells slightly less like dirty socks but actually tastes pretty good.
It’s also nice since it’s hot here all the time everywhere you go serves excellent iced coffee with milk and sugar (this is also rough on the waistline). Really, the only things we miss are Mexican food and pork.
We found the one Mexican restaurant in KL which is not bad, but it’s no La Tapatia. As for pork, nearly all the restaurants here are halal (the Muslim version of kosher) but there are a few Chinese places that are not, and we also found a German restaurant in Bangsar that serves pork sausage, so you can find it if you are really craving pig flesh.


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