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European vacation

So, we had one more stop before coming back to the States. Well, a long stop in which we traveled around Europe. We flew to Frankfurt and rented a car (They gave me a super cool VW Golf with the TDI) and took off to explore. It’s a good thing I liked the car since Dave’s driving license expired while we were in Africa so I had to do all the driving. It was a little tough at times, I had a little anger management problem after being honked at a few times. I don’t mind being honked at if I do something dumb, but I could not figure out why these Germans honk!

car and I


This is Rothenburg, a cool historical Roman town along the ‘Romantic Highway’ in southern Germany.





concentration camp
This is a concentration camp at Daschau just outside of Munich. It was pretty grim. This was not a place where many people were sent to the gas chambers but people were held here along the way and many died of starvation and mistreatment.


big beer


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