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Batu Caves

We finally took the bus up to Batu Caves, a big tourist attraction around Kuala Lumpur. The caves are impressive in themselves, but this is a Hindu temple with really amazing statues inside (although real spelunkers would say it’s a waste of a really cool cave).
Anyway, it is quite interesting, although the giant statue outside the entrance is under construction and hidden behind tarps. In about a month, around Feb. 13th the Caves will host the Hindu festival of Thaipusam and about a million people will journey to the caves. This festival should be interesting, in pennance for their sins believers pierce themselves and carry carts of offerings hooked to their backs with hooks! Seriously, it looks really painful. I think we’ll still be here so we plan on going and checking it out. Those of you with weak stomachs may not want to look at those photos, but these are ok.

Looking at the stairs leading into the cave. You can see the big covered statue.

Inside the cave.

The elephant god Ganesh.

Dave at the entrance.

monkey business.jpg
No more monkey business! The weekend before someone had visited the caves and saw a woman get bitten by a monkey! We stayed well clear of them!

monks on vacation.jpg
Buddist monks on vacation visiting a Hindu temple in a Muslim country.

Another view of the caves.


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