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Lobster tales

Two fisherman came in from a diving trip with a couple of spiny lobsters for sale. Ten dollar each, which was probably to much. But oh, my god. Dinner last night was the freshest lobster I’ve ever eaten.


To fix it, first cut the tail shell lengthwise on both the top and the bottom. Our guide told us never to use a knife, only kitchen shears. No kitchen shears available but part of the fun of travel is “making do.” All we had was a little pair of sewing scissors. We weren’t sure they would work, but what the heck.


Turns out the spiny lobster’s armor plating is really pretty brittle. Even our little sewing scissors cut it relatively easily.


From there use a knife to cut along the joint where the body and the tail meet because the tail meat actually extends up into the body. Once the body and the tail are separated, cut through the tail meat where you cut the tail shell, separating the two halves of the tail. From there it’s easy to see and remove the digestive tract. The tail haves are ready for the grill.


With the grill set for low heat, put the tails on the grill meat side up, shell side down. Spoon melted butter on the meat and sprinkle with parsley flakes. Occasionally baste with more butter as the tails cook. They are done when the tops are gently browned. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on them as you remove them from the grill. Serve with more drawn (melted) butter and lemon. A salad, fresh bread toasted on the grill and cold beer complete an incredible fresh lobster dinner.


Do all this with someone you love, on a little deck overlooking the ocean as the sun sets and it is an unforgettable evening.

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