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Colors of Puerto Rico

First sun

Today is one of those magic days. The view out my front door is alive with all the colors of the tropics.

It started even before sunrise in the soft platnum grey light of dawn. The sun rises around the point just out of sight but catches the tips of the trees and the boats moored just off shore.

Late afternoon now. The sun is out and there’s hardly a cloud in the sky.

 The green of grass is more yellow than the darker dreen of the coconut palm leaves beyond. The dark palms form a frame for the lighter, bluer green of the ocean where the bottom is sand. Where the ocean floor is reef, the green darkens to olive and then to brown. Beyond the reef the deep ocean water is deep, almost cobalt blue, but flecked with the white wave caps.

 The horizon is a sharp knife cut where the ocean blue meets the paler, hot, washed-out blue of the mid-afternoon sky. A different, brighter blue slashes across the sky as a kite surfer makes his way in and out, to and from the beach. One soon becomes two as another kite surfer, this one with a huge yellow, white and black sail takes off from the beach. Now another, this time orange and grey and black. And still another, blue and orange and yellow. Cutting back and forth. Grabbing “big air,” their black wet suits silhoutted against the sky.

 Three kite sails

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