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The countdown begins — Oh, and I now have Cher Hair

I lied in my earlier post. Or, rather, I was grossly mistaken.

Being a retentive planner, you don’t get bored when you have nothing left to plan — you get utterly freaked out.

Granted, I’ve accomplished a lot, but I still feel like there’s so much left to do. I wish I’d been born with that gene that allows you to say “I’m leaving for a round the world trip tomorrow and haven’t thought about what I’m going to bring yet.” OK, they probably end up with sore stinky feet and are cold at night and don’t have packs of oral rehydration salts “just in case” like me, but in the end, they may be the happier for it.

So where do things stand as of 17 days and counting?

The good:

  • The checks from my subletter have cleared.
  • I have the keys to the apartment of my friend/lifesaver EM who will be taking care of Sammy.
  • I now have Cher Hair.
  • I was able to borrow a plug converter from my friend so I don’t need to buy one (thanks JM!).
  • I have gone on a half dozen hikes/walks with my backpack of 4-6 miles each and can handle it at 24 lbs without too much soreness afterwards.
  • My dear friend AS loaned me her English phone so I can just buy a SIM card rather than having to buy a whole new phone when I get to Africa, as my cheapie American phone won’t work in other countries. This will help keep my mother from having a nervous breakdown while I’m gone.
  • I locked in a Gorrilla trekking permit so I don’t need to scrounge for one while there!
  • I had my first truly “school free” weekend spent at a BBQ at one friend’s and was treated to a lovely “high English Tea” from my friends AS and HM to celebrate graduation.

    The bad:

  • My apartment is a pig sty as I try to pack my clothes for storage while my apartment is sublet, and I’m writing this blog instead of packing.
  • Sammy is getting freaked out because of the packing.
  • I have no idea how to work the English phone AS loaned me.
  • I haven’t done my local walks with the full backpack weight yet, when I tried with a 6 lb weight added, I could only do 3-4 miles 8-(. I’m rationalizing this is because it was an actual barbell rather than dispersed weight, but have been too chicken to try again.
  • I still haven’t decided whether to bring hiking boots or sneakers (spreadsheet be damned), and maybe the sandals aren’t a good idea after all?
  • I have to figure out the whole money thing (how much to carry, where to carry, etc).
  • Trying not to dwell on how much money am I spending on this trip while I have no income. Deep breath. In through the nose, down to the belly, out through the mouth… In through the nose…

    The ugly?:

  • I am not sure Cher Hair looks good on me.

    FYI: “Cher Hair” means I had Japanese Hair Straigtening done so I don’t need to
    a) deal with hair dryers, etc on the road and
    b) not have my hair look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket because I’m not dealing with hair dyers, etc. on the road.
    Special nod to MK who recommended the term, the process, and the stylist!

    I haven’t yet been able to wash it (you need to wait 2 days before washing) so it remains to be seen what I’ll look like when that happens… Hope for the best…

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  • 2 responses to “The countdown begins — Oh, and I now have Cher Hair”

    1. Kendall says:

      Snarky, I LOVE your blog! I’m putting a link to it on my blog. You are going to leave Bill Bryson standing in the dust because, funny as he is, you’re a WOMAN, so your concerns are closer to mine, and you’re funnier. I will be reading every entry, every day. I hope you didn’t pay the equivalent of 320 pounds for your Cher hair. I was born with Cher hair, and when it was long, I still had to deal with dryers, etc. May you have miraculous-looking way-cool hair throughout your adventure.

    2. admin says:

      Thanks Grannygold! True praise indeed coming considering the source!! No, I definitely did not pay 320 pounds for my hair, and I’m lucky it only took 2 hours start to finish rather than 3+… Pics will be posted eventually… Having miraculous-looking way-cool hair throughout my adventure is a high priority!!

    3. Daphne says:

      I had to catch up with what Snarky was up to since I miss seeing you on a regular basis. I bet your hair looks fabulous! You’ll be the chic lady crouching next to the tiger, lions, or bears – oh my.

    4. Jenn says:

      The Cher hair looks great!! I’m one of those “I’m leaving for around the world trip tomorrow and I haven’t starting packing” and let me tell you I’d trade that in for “nothing left to plan” any day! I’m gonna sound like your mom now…please be careful out there in the wilderness and don’t come home married!! :o) Love ya!

    5. Mia says:

      Hmmm…should you be thanking me for the cher referral? I think you may have missed your calling as a comedic author…or, maybe it’s just the beginning? I’ll be keeping tabs on you! Have an awesome time, I’m sure you’ll come back with hysterically funny and interesting stories! Signed, fellow cher-hair (3+ hours so be grateful!)

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