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The charms of Arusha

7/13/07 Arusha. Internet Café

Spent about an hour today wandering around Arusha which was more than enough time to see its ample …charms for lack of a better word. Actually, no that’s a rotten word to describe it. It doesn’t really have much in the way of charms.

On the one hand it’s definitely interesting. On the other, only so much.

It is definitely weird to be the only white person walking around, especially in a – well not so much 3rd world environment, but definitely not 1st world. Funny we never hear the term “2nd world”. Its kind of a pit, maybe real estate agents would describe it as “upscale 3rd world” or “1st world adjacent” it doesn’t feel dangerous, but I definitely stick out like a sore thumb (again, where do these expressions come from?). Not that I didn’t expect that, but it was a little more stricking than I expected. And man, everything you read about the touts are true. They just don’t leave you alone. Fortunately, I have a built in New Yorker “don’t f— with me” attitude that seems to work very well on them.

I’m currently sitting in an internet café with really really bad connectivity. This is a café that apparently is the “hot spot” for westerners, as everyone hear thus far has been British, American or German.

In addition to looking around town (done now!), I came in to find out how much is a ticket to Entebbe. A fair site more than I expected. Hmmm, $12 for a 17 hour bus or 20x that for a flight. Decisions, decisions… The advantage of the bus is that there is one every day, whereas with the flight I’d need to spend an extra couple of days here in Arusha. The disadvantage of the bus is, well, it takes 17 hours. Actually, it’s not that tough of a decision…

I’ll write more detailed reviews of places I go and stay in a while. I want to give enough time for true impressions to set in.

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One response to “The charms of Arusha”

  1. JM says:

    Go Snarky Go! This blog is more interesting the Seriously though, like you didn’t think you would stick out like a sore thumb in africa?!?! Funny……

    Thanks for the update. Good to know you are enjoying your time out there!

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