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Snarky who? Snarky where?

When I was learning to read, my dad was not going to sit and listen to me recite juvenile dribble. If he was going to listen, it might as well be to something worthwhile, so I remember at about 7 years old us reading Lewis Caroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark” together (none of that “Alice in Wonderland” fluff for us!) We might have been weird, but we were highly literate.

Though the term “Snarky” doesn’t actually have anything to do with Caroll’s work, you can read about its many meanings elsewhere. I use it to mean sarcastic, impertinent, and irreverant in a fabulously witty way (as opposed to crotchety, snappy, and bitchy — but some who know me may feel that’s the more appropos def). So, when I moved to L.A. 4 years ago, someone called me snarky and as it reminded me of happy childhood memories, the handle stuck. Thus, snarkyinla was born and now will become snarkyinafrica for a little while.

About me, it is the night before my final quarter of classes in my MBA program begins. As you can tell, I’m not doing much schoolwork. In fact, the last thing right now I have time to do is write a blog. But yet, here I am…

And here, exactly, is at 36 years old, about to finish my second graduate degree where I have been working full time and going to school for 3 years evenings and weekends. Translation: no free time, ever. In an earlier life (early-mid 20s) I pursued a PhD in biological anthropology (in “middle/late pleistocene hominid paleopathology” which translates into “Neanderthal boo-boos”). I left the program A.B.D., but that and $5 will get me a cup of coffee at Starbucks. That, plus a background in publishing going back to my college days has translated into a career in non-profit/educational publishing. Originally I was an editor (which you’ll never tell based on the number of missssspelings and grammatical errors I have here) and then I switched over to the business/operations side. After 15 years working or in school round the clock, its time for a break.

August 2006 I traveled to Australia on a school program and got to visit the Queensland rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef for all of 3 days total. I knew then I needed to see more of the world. Before that I had been to England once or twice as a kid, and had been in Cyprus and Spain for about a month each on archaelogical digs back in my Anthropology days, but that’s it (and, like the utter moron I was, I didn’t travel Europe after either dig!!!). After my trip to Oz I thought, “maybe I’ll travel when I graduate”. So, I started to prepare on the possibiity it might happen.

Prepare by:
1) Coming to terms with the fact that I will have no income yet be spending obscene amounts of money.
2) Starting to grow hair long so I can put it into a ponytail if I do end up traveling (requires 6+ months given my starting position).
3) Starting to save money given the fact that I will have no income yet be spending obscene amounts of money.
4) Plotting about who will take care of my cat Sammy: Sammy
5) Thinking about my SoCal (=grossy expensive) apartment: Do I move, sublet, or suck up the rent, given the fact that I will have no income yet be spending obscene amounts of money?

You get the idea.

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  1. Len and Leah says:

    Have a great trip. We’ll keep an eye on the blog — occasionaly.

  2. arlene levy says:

    Love reading your blog. I did not really know what a blog was before this. Hope you continue having a great trip.

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