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The Cher Hair update

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Inquiring minds want to know:
Where am I at 9 days and counting?
(Translation, I have nothing more interesting to write about:)

First, for those of you who seem to be dying to know, the response on the Cher Hair was mixed at first, though now that it has poofed up a bit and people have gotten used to it, the response has been largely positive. The first responses were:

    Me: “So what do you think?”
    Them: “Um, well what do YOU think? That’s what’s important”
    (not reassuring!)

Of course being a part of the Groucho Marx School of Belonging, I had other friends who said it looked fantastic, which immediately means I must discount what they say. My friend AS would say I look fabulous even if I pulled a Britney Spears.

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