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Sleep is for the weak — and the not so easily entertained

7/12/07 10:30pm. Greetings from Arusha.

The trip out went as well as could possibly be expected. No delays, no lost luggage, my ride was there to pick up me, so all is well.

After getting 4 hours sleep because I went to the midnight show of Harry Potter (just OK, not as good as previous ones), I scored a window seat in an exit row (the kind that has no seats in front of you, just big open space), with no one sitting in the middle row. Plus, KLM had individual movie screens and you could pick your own movie at any time. My trip to Australia was almost as good, except you had to ‘catch’ the timing of the movies, here you watched them whenever you want. Plus tv-shows and games – gven this, who could be expected to sleep!!

I watched cinematic classics such as Marie-Antoinette (good costumes, otherwise just OK), Blades of Glory (sadly another movie I thought was hideous but laughed too hard in), Music and Lyrics (surpringly charming in a schmaltzy 80s tribute way) and A Good Year which I happened to have read just a week ago. Interestingly, the only thing the movie shares in common with the book is they are both set in Provance, and both lead characters drink wine at some point in the movie. The similarity ends there.

Fortunately, I did sleep for most of the flight from Amsterdam to Kili, as I wanted to be sharp not knowing what to expect upon arrival. Other than the lines to get visas, it was all very easy.

Trite though it may be, there WAS something about stepping on to african soil when coming down the stairs from the plane that was really cool.

My hotel here definitely leaves a little something to be desired, but as a stop-over/sleep place, it will suffice.

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  1. Layla says:

    OMG I thought Order of the Phoenix was the best so far! But that’s not why I wanted to reply to your blog 🙂 It’s awesome your trip went so smoothly with no lost luggage and such!

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