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Photos – Ngamba Island and Kampala

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary photos

Various Kampala photos (no labels, sorry!)

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2 responses to “Photos – Ngamba Island and Kampala”

  1. Len and Leah says:

    We’ve been (occasionally) reading your blog and taking in all your marvelous photos. Looks like you’re having a fantastic experience. Looking forward to your return, and your trip east to tell us all about it in person.

    All our love …. Len and Leah

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Hello, Can I ask you what your general experience of Kenya/Tanzania is? I went 15 years ago, and thought it was wonderful, I want to return, but someone who works just offshore, and transits thro Niarobi, has just filled us with tales of horror, about car jackings, violence, crime etc against tourists. I thought if it was THAT bad, it would be reported in our home countries.
    All the blogs I can access, have the usual tales of poverty and grubbiness etc, but that is to be expected, but no one supports his stories of rampant crime.

  3. admin says:

    hi Mary Ann, I got a bounce when I tried to email you directly so I’ll answer here. Nairobi has a terrible reputation for street crime. I talked to lots of travels there, very few who were positive about it, though a few said they did like it and had no problems. However, Tanzania and especially Uganda are about the safest places in East Africa you can go. There is some tetchiness now that Congo seems to be wanting to start a war with Uganda, but until anything firm happens I can tell you I feel safer in Uganda than I would in Los Angeles.

    If you pick Tanzania as your destination, you really won’t have to worry about anything much more than getting scammed on a few prices.

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