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No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks

I began this blog the night before my first class of my final quarter of my MBA program. Today I had the final class of my final quarter of my MBA program. My last take-home exam is done, ready to be handed in on Monday. Graduation is Friday.

After 3 years; 20 classes; 40+ tests, midterms, and finals; dozens of cases, conference calls, and presentations; late-night bar visits the number of which I am unable to count; and 1 somewhat bizarre trip to Australia, I am a free woman.

Actually I am a woman with a whole lotta student loans about to come due, but I’m free in spirit.

Today I got a pedicure, I went shopping, I ate dinner and read a newspaper (not a case, not a binder section, not an article, but a newspaper!!), I went shopping, I schmoozed around a bookstore for an hour, and I went shopping. That, my friends, is what free people do.

All I can say is: Bring on Africa… before the real world of jobs, responsibility, and debt take me back in the fall.

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