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Murchison Falls: Part 3

So, as we were up early anyway, we got to watch a gorgeous red sunrise over the Nile.

After breakfast we left to go hike the waterfalls before the long drive back to Kampala.

The hike was strenuous at times, especially given how bad shape I’m in having not exercised in several weeks and given the crappiest of crap food I’m eating, but all I can say is WOW.

If you are in Uganda, you really must go see these waterfalls. Now granted, I haven’t seen Victoria Falls or any of the others, but what was amazing about this was when they say you “hike to falls” it means you hike TO THE FALLS. We were literally at the falls. This is not ‘you hike to a nice overlook spot near the falls” this is you go, literally,to the rocks where the falls are. You get sprayed by the falls. You can wade into the falls and kill yourself no problemo if you wanted. It was spectacular. As you hike up the path you first see all the usual great view/scenic spots, but then you get there and you realize “holy crap, I’m litterally AT the falls.”

The falls are caused by the entire river nile being crammed through a space around 5’ wide so I read. In 1952 the rains and floods were so bad that the water divered and created a second set of falls nearby which you can see in the photos.

This may not make sense until you see the photos, but it was so cool. It was a shame the tour only has you spend about an hour total at the falls, as it really was the highlight of the trip.

I asked our guide, “Bruhel” if anyone had gone over the falls and he said once someone slipped in 1969. I asked if he survived and Bruhel looked at me incredulously. It was like “have you seen these falls?”. No one could survive these falls. To be honest if you did you’d just send up crocodile lunch anyway…

After spending an hour at the falls, we began our long drive home.

Even though the drive takes forever, I really think the falls are quite spectacular and recommend anyone in the area go see them. Don’t let the hype about the condition of the north stop you, it’s completely worth it.

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