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More photos — caught up!!!

Despite being the the one-horse town that is Aswan, I am blessed with the BEST internet connection I’ve had yet in Africa. Been uploading my photos like a dickens! Internet is $2/hour here and there’s nothing else to do in town, so a good use of time and resources, I’d say! In fact, I am now completely caught up with both blogging AND photos!! Yeah!!!

UWA “it’s not a zoo” Zoo

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Dashur and Saqqara photos

Pyramids at Giza photos

Abu Simbel photos

Aswan and Botanical Gardens photos

Philae Temple for Isis photos

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One response to “More photos — caught up!!!”

  1. Chris Boznos says:

    The photos are great! In fact, one from the Entebbe Botanical Gardens now graces my desktop! Thanks!

    Ewa and I just keep looking at the pictures and occasionally mouthing “wow.” It’s weird: The one thing these photos show well is that there is no way to show well just how cool everything you’re seeing actually is: You just have to be there. I think part of what we’re missing is the smells. Could you upload some smells in your next entry? Not so much the smell of the monkeys … more like the smell of the lush vegetation around the waterfall you stood behind and the smell of the food vendors in the cities.

    Have fun and stay safe — we’ll keep checking the site for updates!


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