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Maladies of Malaria meds making me mad…

Course, this alliteration would have worked better if I’d gotten Malarone rather than Doxycycline…

For future travelers, learn from those who came before you:

You can spend hours at your pharmacy physically relaying your phone back and forth between the insurance company rep and the pharmacist trying to get your malaria prescription filled for more than one month at a time (unless you really want to try to get them while on the road) OR you can buy the full amount from a travel health agency for about $10 more.

Also, you can end up buying pills at your crappy pharmacy that are 10 times the size (not an exaggeration) of the ones from the travel health agency. 10 times the size (not an exaggeration) means not only a lot more space to carry the required dosage, but you living with the knowledge that every morning when you are swallowing something the size of an olive (OK, slight exaggeration) you could have had a nice normal-sized pill to down.

You be the judge of the wisest course of action. If your pharmacy offers you Doxy bigger than a Flintstone vitamin, go somewhere else…

PS: Final shots received today. Woo hoo!

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