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Give me your tired, your poor, your gear-head fanatics…

… and you’ll find them on line at 6:30am outside REI for their used-gear sale. We may be freaks, but at least we’re freaks in like company.

$30 got me my required second set of convertible pants, plus a pair of shorts, one packing folder, and one water-proof document-holder-thingey that I’m not really sure is what it is, but was only $4.

The pants are Buzz-off brand, meaning they are/were treated with insecticide to kill mosquitoes upon contact (it also means that it attracts mosquitoes to you, but allegedly they prefer your Permethrin treated-clothes to your skin, and then they die upon contact). The pants are old enough that I figure the treatment is long since washed out, but since I have enough Permethrin to treat a few items in addition to my mosquito net, I might as well treat these, since they’ve been dosed once before.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until I got home that they were a size men’s small-and-short (I swear I read the label at least 5 times and didn’t notice this!). But, I tried them on anyway, and they fit perfectly.

Not sure which is more upsetting, that I bought the wrong thing or that men’s pants now fit me.

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