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For the record, I am NOT a cheap b@#$!ard

It has been brought to my attention, mainly by me actually re-reading my entries, that from reading this blog it appears that I am officially, certifiably, the cheapest person on the planet.

This is not true.

There are people out there WAY cheaper than me. I’m sure of it!

OK, I may be a little frugal (yes, I probably do have the oldest “non-classic” car in my school), but I simply enjoy the ‘hunt’ of a good bargain. Not that I need to do this, I just like to do this. OK?

It’s one of the weird things about writing, as this blog caters to many masters:

1) My ego. I simply can’t believe this many people are reading it – who the heck cares what I have to say, anyway?? But based on the stats apparently there are 5 of you who do. Thanks, you’re all awesome, and I love each and every one of you. Really.

2) Fellow travelers that I’ve communed with and learned from on Bootsnall and elsewhere, who will relate to its content, and frankly find me a little wussy given that half of you are traveling around the world for years and years, rather than my paltry 2 months. Of course, according to some, you are all made up people who don’t really exist and despite the fact that all of you say pretty much the same thing about most places you’ve been to and post photos of yourself there. You are, of course, all lying.

3) Future travelers who will read this in anticipation of their own trips to Africa one day. Just remember, even though I say the same thing as pretty much everyone else, as I am writing an Internet blog therefore I also am not real and must be lying. People on the Internet are fake and everything we tell you is false. Remember that.

4) My family and friends who are reading this and thinking “Man, I knew she was on the cheap side, but I never thought she was that bad!” They also think going to Africa for 2 months is about the most stupid/brave/cool/stupid thing to do on the planet (direct opposition of groups 2 and 3 above on both points). But my family and friends should not believe anything I say in this blog, because this blog is not really by me. Blogs of people who travel on the Internet are false and full of lies. The person writing this is really some dude named George.

So, to explain to group 4 about group 2 (if we really existed), there’s something about being in a community of travelers who are scrimping and saving their last penny to be able to quit their jobs and travel — people who choose to spend one night on a bench in an airport for a layover rather than pay $100 for a hotel in the west because $100 will get you 7 days of hotels in the developing world – that makes you dwell on money. The joys of saving it, the thrill of avoiding paying it, the mental calculation of how many days food and lodging your tax return will get/cost you — this is in many ways part of the backpacking experience. So that’s why focusing on money is an underlying theme in this blog, as well as to provide an outlet for my inner-cheapness. Plus, it’s to convince any future employers who read this to pay me more once they hire me.

So, for group 4) if it makes you feel better, after spending $30 at REI on used gear, I then went and got a facial and massage. So there. That’s also the me you know — if I were not, in fact, some dude named George. For group 2) I didn’t really get a message and facial, that would be a huge waste of money. Honest. Would I lie?

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-286 responses to “For the record, I am NOT a cheap b@#$!ard”

  1. Rcon Pascua says:

    Don’t worry, my friends say I still hold that record of being the cheapest person on earth… Want proof? I rechew a chewed bubblegum, then keep it again. beat that. 🙂

  2. admin says:

    That’s both really cheap AND really gross!

  3. Rcon Pascua says:

    i told ya.. you’re not the worst. 🙂 i hope that made you feel a lot better…

  4. BB says:

    There may be six now.

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