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All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

Tomorrow I have to give back my computer to work, so this will be my last post stateside, as they used to say (or maybe they just said that on TV).

If all goes right, I have a 10.5 hour flight from LAX to Amsterdam, a 2.5 hour layover, and then an 8.5 hour flight to Mt. Kilimanjaro. All I can say is, thank god for Ambien.

Final to do list:

  • Become officially unemployed – check
  • Attend several going away parties – check
  • Pack up way too much stuff and haul it into storage – check
  • Deliver Sammy to his new home, get depressed (apply to both of us) – check
  • Coddle bruised (probably not broken after all) toe at expense of getting in best-possible backpacking shape – check
  • Decide on appropriate (one hopes) level of $USD, traveler’s checks, and plastic, and thoroughly spread them out and hide them on various parts of my person – check
  • Feel like an idiot at the bank having them “cycle through” automated cash distributions until I only had bills from series >2000 – check
  • Start malaria meds – check
  • Buy tickets to a midnight showing of Harry Potter so I can see it before I leave – check
  • Reduce pack weight – FAIL MISERABLY
  • My goal was for my pack to be fewer than 28 lbs (13 kilos) but I was not successful and I’m a little nervous about carrying around that large a percentage of my body weight. I suspect I’ll shed a fair amount as I go, but I was just too uncertain about too many things that I decided to bring now, and chuck out later.

    Well, that’s all for now kiddies.

    Off to live life or die trying (don’t worry, my mother isn’t actually reading this blog)

    See you on the other side!

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    -14 responses to “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go”

    1. Claudia says:

      You’re going to do great!!! Give ’em hell, and we’ll see you soon!


    2. BB says:

      Don’t forget to make a point of getting up and walking around. While I am always jealous of people who can sleep on planes in some ways I am lucky because I am kind of forced to stretch my legs.

      Good luck.

    3. JM says:

      This blog rocks! Have a great time Snarky and keep us informed. Good luck with the food in Africa!

      Remember – we are all African! And as Peter Tosh said “The Whole world is AFRICA!”

    4. Rachel says:

      BonVoyage! We’ll miss you! Can’t wait for the first update from Africa!

    5. Kendall says:

      Hooray! Here we all go with you! Don’t worry about the food in Africa. It’s the suffering that will stop you dead in your tracks, and it’s the joy in the face of all that suffering that will change your life forever. Or so it was for me. I will be following the blog, every step of the way, cheering for you!

    6. Brooke says:

      WOOOO have a great trip!!

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