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August 29, 2003


We arrived at this Caribbean island yesterday

by way of San Pedro, a big, busy, ugly city where I managed to get myself a visa for El Salvador, and then Triunfo de la Cruz, a tiny, sandy town by the sea, where we spent the night.

Triunfo was great. It's a little town of 900 people, nearly all of them Garifunas - African people who arrived in a slave ship, which was wrecked off an island called St Vincent. The captives escaped and settled with the indigenous population on the island, and remained unmolested by the few French merchants who were living there.

The Poms arrived and tried to round them up and put them to work, but the Garifunas resisted, eventually settling all along the coast of Honduras, a few in Guatemala, and some in Belize, as well. They speak a language of their own and are famous for their excellent music.

Triunfo is a sandy little place, with crabs scampering in the streets at dusk, where restaurants right on the sand serve fish and coconut soup while you sit under a palm canopy on the beach. It was extremely chilled out and the people were superfriendly. It's wet season, and a storm rained down on the tin roof of our cabana all night, and the ubiquitous roosters woke us up in time for our bus.

We arrived in Utila by boat after a very damp ride in a leaky chicken bus, and are about to start scuba diving. This island is full of houses like big old wooden Queenslanders - they are very elegant. It's also full of young tourists, all here for the diving. I am looking forward to getting under the water and looking at the fish.

Posted by Sarah on August 29, 2003 09:24 AM
Category: Honduras

Dear Sarah,

I hope you are having a great time scuba-diving - I think it is very brave of you! I was in Utila in January 1993. My first view of the island was from an aeroplane. I remember being a little confused as I couldn't see an airstrip. Finally, I identified it as the dirt track situated between two halves of an aeroplane - needless to say, we survived the flight, although Danny's dignity was rather mauled...

The scuba-diving shop at that time had a similar ambiance - with a rusted sign, hanging from one hinge, advertising the cheapest scuba-diving course in the world! I myself, (despite my relative student poverty), still wasnt entirely sure that the cheapest course was what I was looking for.. anyway, we wimped and went snorkelling.

All that aside (or perhaps it added to it) Utila was a pretty fab place.

luv pip

Posted by: pip on September 3, 2003 01:01 AM

Hi , my name is Charles,I bought a home on Utila in 2002 and have been working on it as time and money permit.Utila is growing so fast that most write ups on the net are outdated.I go down every few mounths ,and amazed every time at the new developments I see.If you are intrested in Utila and would like updated info on the new 24/7 power system ,whats saleing and whats not
the new airport runway,up coming water system or just the local Island
gossip from Utila to the cays drope me a email @

Posted by: C D henna on January 5, 2004 08:43 AM

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