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October 09, 2003

Falling in love in and with Buenos Aires

Although I arrived exhausted after a red-eye from Lima, I liked Buenos Aires right away.

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October 06, 2003


I arrived in Lima in the middle of the night, after a pleasant flight next to a very cheerful Mexican nun, who helped me practise my Spanish. She asked me whether I knew any Australian Catholics who might want to give her money, and told me I looked like Princess Diana. When I got off the plane I headed to the well-appointed apartment of Nano, a friend of a friend who had kindly agreed to put me up and show me around.

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September 25, 2003

Playa del Carmen

We got out of Merida as quick as we could last Saturday - it was boiling hot and there was no beach.

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Mexican ruins

These have been a total highlight of the trip. We saw Monte Albán, Palenque and Tulúm, and here are my impressions. I hope I haven't made too many mistakes with my historical detail. Forgive me if I have.

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This was the first stop on our ten-day trip around the south of Mexico. One of the best things about Oaxaca is saying it. Say it: Wah HAH kah. Sounds great.

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September 24, 2003

back in Mexico City

It's been a couple of weeks since I've written, as I've been busy traipsing around Mexico with my friends from Australia, Mel and Tristan.

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September 11, 2003


Here I am all by myself in this very elegant, civilised little town.

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September 10, 2003

Antigua photos

I pinched these from my friend Didrik's website (

This is me and my Swiss friend, Julia, who traveled with me to Honduras. We're standing in front of Antigua's lovely arch, close to the centre of the town.
me and Jules

Here's one of me, Didrik the chatty Norwegian and Jose the Brazilian priest having dinner at Mireille's place
dinner table

Here's one of Mireille, our hostess in Antigua

And here's a photo of Diana, Valentin and Domenic - three of Mireille's kids (Ana is missing)
the kids

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September 08, 2003

With the Davilas of San Salvador

I spent the last few days with the family of my excellent New York-Salvadorean friend Rebeca.

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September 05, 2003

Blind Date

My Salvadorean friend Pati couldn't lunch with me today as planned, so she sent a friend of hers to take me out on a blind date.

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