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Modern Deadly Arts of the Samurai

Friday, April 10th, 2009

The samurai were Japan’s elite warrior class of long ago – masters of many deadly weapons and stern possessors of martial fighting skills.

In Tokyo’s modern mecca of electronics and anime, Akihabara, the samurai have re-emerged as masters of a new deadly art.

Artistic Chaos!!! The Tokyo Design Festa

Sunday, July 27th, 2008
The Tokyo Design Festa is a semi-annual event where artists, craftsmen, performers, musicians, film-makers, and what-not gather from all over the world to exhibit their creations.

It’s a weekend of artistic chaos!

It’s up for votes on Current TV:

Help a blogger out, why doncha?

Rockin’ It In Japan – The Sushi Cabaret Club Mini-Documentary

Thursday, July 24th, 2008 The following is a look at a mostly foriegn rock band, the Sushi Cabaret Club, based in Nagoya, Japan. The members hail from Scotland, England, Australia, and Japan. They talk ... [Continue reading this entry]