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December 07, 2004

A Chiang Mai Vacation

After some intense touristing in Sukhotai's ancient city I was on the bus for Chiang Mai, Thailand's Northern "big city" and major westerner hang-out. I have been here 6 days now and I can't say I have done much: it was a relaxing week full of socializing.

I learned to make a red curry and other Thai dishes on Friday when I took a cooking class. Joining me was Erica, whom I had originally met in Bangkok and met again coincidently aboard the bus to Chiang Mai. I befriended one of the cooking instructors who took me to an art and fasion show.

A day later the Aussies I had left behind in Mae Sot showed up at the guest house having given up their quest to visit Thailand's tallest waterfall (the coincidence was not that huge: I was at that guest house on their recommendation).

As a growing group we socialized with friends of the guest house owners who were opening up a business nearby. One of them had just completed his year of military service as a sniper.

Sunday was the King's birthday which was celebrated with a street market, music and fireworks. In particular there were fireworks-dropping unmanned hot air balloons powered by fire-bricks that would drive western safety-authorities absolutely nuts. (if the burning fire-brick falls on top of a house...)

I spent two days shopping around for a new camera. This was a success so I hope to have improved pictures up next time.

Besides that I read a lot, and aimlessly wandered about the town. This was all quite uneventful, and therefore the write-up is dull, but I decided that I was on vacation. Tomorrow I am taking a bus to the Lao border, so things should get interesting again.

Posted by piegu on December 7, 2004 11:43 PM
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