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November 23, 2003

We missed the party :(

Hey everyone!

It's Photochick (Claudia) and Ant from India. We seemed to have been asleep during the actual party, so we got shitty with some other travelers we met in a restaurant and kept up the theme. Or at least I did, I don't know about Ant.

We met a Czech guy (Peter) and his wife Ella (maybe?) and they told us all about their horror stories of baggage handler strikes, getting sick, getting ripped off, being tired, cold, and annoyed. We had nothing to respond with because our experience has been 85-90% good here in India so I decided to mention that after using the squat toilet I noticed a dirty (and I mean DIR-TAY) pair of underwear behind the door to keep up the good vibes. It was the best I could do after a few nasty Kingfishers and no dinner. :)

Anyway, sounds like it was a great night, and more photos need to be posted if anyone has em.

PC and Ant

Oh yeah , check us out too: ClaudiAntics

Posted by Claudia on November 23, 2003 11:55 PM
Category: Cheers from Abroad
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