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November 23, 2003

the only way to get rid of a headache....

is to drink more. as i did tonight. i've met some absolutely amazing people in the last 36 hours and i can't wait to meet a million more :) anyone want to come to minnesota, i'll put you up. but you've got to be able to handle the cold (old man phillip, don't make a trip in january....you'll freeze!!!)

thanks to everyone for a fantastic party and set-up. i never imagined i'd meet so many people in one room who were as excited to travel as i am (although it's hard to get used to real names versus screen names!)

have a fantastic evening (ok, day, as it is 6 am at home right now) and keep writing and posting pics....especially ones when you are drunk :P


Posted by At the Party on November 23, 2003 04:40 AM

ahhhhh good mornin ye wee partiers!
mah head is hangin loowwww....
i hope there's still some survivors there, and that everyone is safe and happy...
peace from Paris,

Posted by: Colin on November 23, 2003 05:46 AM

This party must have been something..I would love to have a similar gathering here in Minneapolis..

Posted by: Luke Ache on November 23, 2003 12:42 PM
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