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November 23, 2003

I need to go to bed

It's way past my bedtime, once again. The long awaited Boots party ended hours ago but the post-party is still going strong. I"m suffering from extreme sleep deprivation but it's ok.... I couldn't be happier for my old mate Sean.

PS - Leo just almost went head first into the bookcase.

Nite y'all....

Posted by At the Party on November 23, 2003 03:13 AM

I'm still awake. The post-party has died down some and Leo has stopped bookcase diving. Cameras are still flashing and the beer is still flowing. I'm still happer than shit to be here.

Posted by: Freesia on November 23, 2003 04:16 AM

Awwww, let's make a sandwich. :-)

I like you too Freeeeeeesh, but not as much as the other paparazzi around here....I mean come on, are we famous?

Posted by: Jen Leo on November 23, 2003 04:27 AM
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