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November 23, 2003

Post Party Party

Ok, now that we had to leave the Lucky Lab (they kicked us out at midnight) we're back here at the Boots Headquarters. I count 12 boots members. What a diverse group.

Post party Wrap Up- the party was awesome. About 55-60 boots members showed up (or were they strangers just there for the free beer, food & wine). He, he, just kidding..... Sean definately knows how to throw a killer party. Thanks, Sean, you're the bestest baby. If he could have planned it all out, the way he thought it should go....I think tonight was near perfect. Phillip was the grateous 'Guest of Honor', who wear a name tag that said "Phillip-White Trash". I also was very honored to be able to be the official 'badge', greeter person. I got to talk to every single person at the party. (almost I started lagging at the end). Yes, I said almost a perfect night as early on I accidentially walked into the men's restroom. OOPS! The sight of urinals always says "WARNING, WARNING, YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER NO WOMAN'S LAND"......Luckily no men in sight and I avoided the embarrassing, "Oh sorry". And the feeling of how stupid am I. Saved in the nick of time.

ok, I must go now there is people to talk to and time is short in Portland.



Posted by At the Party on November 23, 2003 02:26 AM
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