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November 23, 2003

Full House

The party is still on. I asked PB how many people are here and he said zillions.
Deanna is in the house. Jill is in the house. Heather is pimping out her cousin, and Court is just lovely in her jammies with her Mickey Mouse socks pulled up to her knees.

Freesia looks the best of all of us, and what the hell? I'm wearing Lucky brand boxers and some turquoise winter cap. The traveling nurses are excited about their upcoming blog, and there's a kitchen full of people I didn't talk to at the party. How that happened I have no idea since I couldn't take two steps without running into the next travel enthusie.

Bed before 4am? Not if Jill can help it.

God bless SoCal girl for the late night apps. Chips, guac, and her homemade salsa.

Posted by At the Party on November 23, 2003 01:52 AM
Category: Live with Leo
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