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November 22, 2003

Livenomadic Lives!

Alright, so I didnt post this last night cause I had tickets to see Trick Pony. Man! They were awesome...

After seeing all these photos posted I felt obligation to post my own.


I am driving with my girlfriend (now friance) on a 17 day, 6000 mile roadtrip from san fran to boston to key west to la and back.

In the middle of ohio, nobody around us in any direction. I am in the passenger seat of our mini-van with my fiance driving and going about 90 mph.

Suddenly out of nowhere we see a box on the roadway in our lane, obviously fallen off a truck... its about the size of a tv.

Box is about 100 meter away:

Chris: "Do you see that box"
Jen: "Yes, so?"

Box is about 80 meters away:

Chris: "Dude, watch out for the box"
Jen: "Don't worry"

Box is about 60 meters away:

Jen: Don't worry

Box is about 40 meters away:

Chris: Your gonna hit the box!
Jen: Its Empty

Box is aobut 20 meters away:

Chris: How do you know that?
Jen: Cause.... *realization*, OH SHIT

BOOM, a box full of cans literally explodes upon hitting our bumper, cans of something fly is all directions...

Ahhhhhh..... guess you had to be there...

Posted by LiveNomadic on November 22, 2003 09:35 AM
Category: Cheers from Abroad

Nice one mate...did the box dent the car? Great pic of yo and your backpack...thanks for participating mate.

Posted by: Sean on November 22, 2003 09:40 AM
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