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Thoughts Upon Turning 72

After retirement in 2002 I traveled 4 years nonstop and then just wanted to stay put in one place where I could make some good friends and really dig into one culture other than the one I was born in…the U.S.

I have lived in Oaxaca nearly 10 years but going back and forth to Thailand and Hong Kong where 2 of my sons live about once a year or so. I am still torn much of the time.

When I am in the states I just want OUT!

If I am in Mexico too long I start thinking “what am I doing here?” But now that I have a back problem I’m leery of long haul flights. But the thought of living in Mexico for the rest of my life without going anywhere else is terrifying and I get the feeling my life is nearly over. I guess it comes to that no matter where you live. My couchsurfers are saving my life. They bring the world to me.

When I am in Mexico too long, I miss Thailand and can’t wait to get back! When I am in Thailand with my friends there I feel like I am at “home.” I get tired of Mexican food and taking care of my apartment in Mexico but two weeks after I get to Thailand I want a hand made corn tortilla. And coming back to Oaxaca is coming back “home” too!

Then I miss my friends in both places! Only friends who live where you do really understand what it is like to live there. I have an entirely different relationship with the locals most of whom in either place have never even traveled.

Then I want to discover other places. Took a RTW about 3 years ago (which is actually much cheaper than a RT) from:

MX>Oregon>HK>BKK (4months)>OMAN (1 week)>Turkey (1 month)>NYC>Oregon>MX. It was tiring but exhilarating and I felt so alive!

A friend says: “Starting to feel the finality of all my endeavours at my age, I am really torn sometimes! Sentimental journeys or following curiosity?” She is lucky to live somewhere where it is not so expensive and so far to get to somewhere else.

We must keep going…elegantly surfing the tenuous space between lobotomized serenity and recklessness. It probably doesn’t matter much what we do. We take ourselves with us wherever we go.


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