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Orange River Bush Camp at Fiddler’s Creek

The facilities are nice-big grassy campsite and there is a lapa (open air shelter) covered with green leaves of a plant with purple flowers within which to eat and wash dishes.

At camp we eat left-over Kudo steak sandwiches for lunch and kick back in the grass lean-to kitchen to watch it rain on the river…I am beginning to feel sad that the trip will be ending in four days…after seven weeks on the road sharing experiences I realize I care very much about the other travelers.

We all go to the bar where there is a nice fire in the braii (barbeque). I drag my computer and connectors to the bar with me and Sarah says “looking for a powerpoint?” That is a plug-in or socket. To us in the U.S. it means a microsoft application. I love learning all these different terms. Some of us order a Gluhwein (hot spiced wine). Then it’s Amaretto and coffee.

The next morning we packed up the tents in the rain, had breakfast of coffee and crepes with lemon juice and sugar and drove into the town of Springbok where we headed straight for the KFC…oh, grease heaven! While there-in walked one of the guys from the Kumuku Truck-barefoot in the rain and cold. Within 5 minutes Nikki had told him he looked like shit and where was his shoes! I asked where they were headed…he said he didn’t know-he just gets on the truck in the morning and gets off when it stops. We all laugh.

Two hours out of Springbok James “hoots” the horn as we pass the Kumuku parked at a toilet stop. Yeah, we’re going to beat them to the hot springs and get the best camping spot! It is getting colder when we go to the bar so we order hot mulled wine while the camp operators build a fire. Michelle introduces a mathematical puzzle which stumps everyone.

We shower in the thatched open air showers and crawl into our tents; during the night it starts to rain but we are snug. The next morning we are up and can’t wait to get to the last camp of the trip before we hit Capetown-Citrusdal and The Baths!

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