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“No Foreigners Allowed”

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Travelled last p.m. from Tengshau to Yangzhau–train left at 7 p.m.–reported to be a 10 hr ride–however was aroused at 2 a.m. by the train mother that it was time to get off–so spent 4 hrs in train station waiting for things to happen–and then slept most of today– this town more clean than most –modern yet many hutungs–hotel is 4 star but I have a back room with the local travellers for 160 yuan–a bit run down but adequate–tried a different hotel but was told no foreigners allowed–think it is not their idea (the hotel’s) but some sort of governing body does not allow them to take in foreigners–that somehow they are not approved.

Was surprised but when I turned on TV I got CNN–the USA edition and was caught up in the middle of election results–left hotel before finalized so do not know winner — it was tight. What’s up? Let me know your plans re exiting Shanghai– think I am only about 3 hrs distant–probably will take bus. See ya soon

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