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OMG, it’s almost been a year since my last RTW! I am planning my next trip back to Thailand to get some teeth in November and to see my sons in Thailand and Hong Kong. I am beginning to anticipate…and remember…

An expat took his laptop battery to the computer shop opposite Makro in Samui to see if they had one or could order one from Bangkok. He approached the guy at the counter with his carrier bag. (There was no one else in the shop, and the guy was not busy doing anything)

“Sawasdee Krap”


“can you help me?”


“I have a laptop battery” (reaching into carrier bag)

(At this point the battery was still concealed in the bag)

“Can you….?.”


“cannot what?”


“Do you have……?” (producing said battery. He didn’t even look at it)


” I see…..Can you order from Bangkok?”


“Are you saying that there is no shop in the whole of Bangkok where you can get a laptop battery?”


Another expat:
“In Banphai there is a pharmacy, each time I go in, without looking up the man says NO HAVE. Hello I can see what I want on that shelf… NO HAVE…I go outside and get the [Thai] wife and she asks for the same item. He goes to the shelf and passes item to my wife 80 baht please. WTF.”

You may also encounter Mr. NONO and Mrs. SHOO-SHOO

I think there may be several things going on here.

Mrs. NOHAVE may not understand the request and don’t want to admit it to save face. Also may apply to MR. CANNOT, MR. NONO and MRS SHOO-SHOO.
Mr. CANNOT can not speak English in order to answer the request.
This may be followed up by Mrs. SHOO-SHOO
Mr. CANNOT and Mrs. NO HAVE, Mr. NONO and Mrs. SHOO-SHOO may be tired.
Thais are sick of dealing with farangs who don’t speak Thai
Thais are sick of dealing with farangs

Of course it may be true that they really CANNOT or NO HAVE.

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2 responses to “Mr. CANNOT and Mrs. NOHAVE”

  1. Eunice (Zoe) says:

    Oh, Lila, so nice to hear from you! I was just thinking of you the other day! (happens all the time! Weird!) Yes, I’ll see my son in Thailand and his wife and fly up to HK to see the youngest son. And gotta have more dental work! Arghhh. Don’t know yet where all I’m going in Thailand after dental work. Playing it by ear this time. Also nice to see that someone at least checks into my blog! lol Stay happy in the land of IT! Hugs, Zoe

  2. Lila says:

    Hey Zoe, it’s Lila (met in Bangkok and Koh Samui)! Just wanted to see how you were doing. It’s great you’re doing another trip to Thailand soon, sounds like fun. Where in Thailand will you be? Have fun!

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