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Hong Kong and Thailand 2015-16

It’s been two and a half months since I left Oaxaca on Oct 3. The time is slipping by without me even noticing it.

Flew into Las Vegas first to spend some time with Greg and a return visit to a spinal surgeon who gave me some injections in my back.

Greg was really cute taking care of me. Bought more food than we could possibly eat…fruit and sweet corn I missed in Oaxaca. He prepared my snack corner by the toaster and coffee pot. So nice when your children love you. And of course we went out to eat a lot. Probably gained 5 pounds which I will now lose in Asia.

Hong Kong was a treat spending 10 days with Josh and Polly to whom Josh has just gotten engaged.

Had morning Dum Sum. And Josh took me up to the American Club restaurants on the top floor of the Stock Exchange Building where he is the Executive Chef.

Because there are no parks in Hong Kong Central, on Sundays, migrant working families congregate on cardboard on newly renovated shopping “mall” sidewalks in Soho.

Flew to Bangkok November 10 where I’ll be for two months to hang out, see some friends and get a cap on an implant I had during my last visit to Bangkok. I’m staying at the VX50 Guesthouse at the On Nut BTS stop for a month. But developed excruciating pain in my right leg after sleeping on the very hard bed at the Guesthouse. Visits to Bumrungrad Hospital ensued.

When I arrived it was still ungodly hot for November but now, after a couple weeks, it’s tolerable. Couldn’t live here year round.

Made some new friends, Paul and Robert, while sitting in front of the Parrot Cafe on Suk 22. Robert calls the regular expats Parrot Heads! Me and two couples, American expats with Thai partners, were headed for the French Consulate to hear some Indian Devotional music when we discovered the event was actually at a lake. So too late for the event, it was Sushi instead.

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