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David’s Tribute

David wrote a beautiful tribute to his mom.

She left the last minutes of November 20
I imagine her walking beautiful and smiling accompanied by the revolutionaries of a century ago to glory
With a smile on her lips
A difficult and beautiful life
Of suffering and happiness
From You I learned to love Mexico
I remember as if it were yesterday when I went to the market we went through the Zocalo of Oaxaca
This city you chose to be our home
The cops raised the flag of Mexico on their flagpole
And you made us stop in the middle of the square
Respectfully, as she never did before, the image
At that time we still did not know that our flag was in the hands of traitors
That I would share with you many years later.
And you believed me and supported me unconditionally until the last day
All I owe her, what I am is a pale reflection of her dreams and her stories about my grandfather in Sola de Vega
Now I have your love and your advice
You left but you don’t leave me an orphan
I have a mother for the many lives like mine
See you soon mommy and tell us beautiful stories
Thank you so much mother Victoria Reyes Gopar

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