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Costillas de Puerco en Salsa Verde

I have a cleaning lady come to my apartment twice a month to mop up the polvo (diesel dust and pollen) from my floors and shake the rugs. She also will give me a cooking lesson for a few extra pesos. Last week she showed me how to make this:

Costillas de Puerco con Salsa Verde (Pork Ribs with Green Sauce)
Several pounds pork ribs 2-3 inches long
Couple pounds tomatillos
Lots of chopped onion & garlic
Salt to taste
Jalepeno peppers to taste (3-4 for a large batch depending on how hot they are and whether they are deveined and de-seeded)
Bunch of fresh cilantro

Boil ribs in pot of water until tender (about 2 hours) Chop up other ingredientes and put in blender with some of the rib broth. Strain blender ingredients to get out tomatillo seeds. Saute blender ingredients in pan with a little olive oil. Add rest of rib broth to ingredients in pan and simmer down. Add ribs and simmer again for half hour or more. Amounts depend on how many ribs you have. I had a 3-4 kilos or more of ribs and couple kilos of tomatillos, one onion, head of garlic. Sauce is kind of soupy but you can simmer it down. Better 1-2 days after cooking. Will serve several people. Sorry amounts are loosy goosey…

You can make it with red sauce the same way only using Italian red tomatoes instead of the green tomatillos. Next time she will go the little market up on the hill with me and we’ll make Caldo de Res (beef soup).

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