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Bob Climbs Kilomanjaro

Tuesday, June 18th, 1996


Marengo Route.jpg

Bob’s Report:

Curious how one thing leads to another. It all started at the local fitness club. In the bravado of a post-workout discussion we proposed adventures that would be a goal to keep our workouts both frequent and intense. The suggestion that appealed to us was to climb Mt. Rainier in Washngton State. We decided to do it and six months later realized that the effort was similar to running a marathon with risk, thrill, and danger elements thrown in.

Subsequent to the climb, I found myself on the mailing list of a prominent climb leader. His brochures detailed the many climbs he had scheduled for the next year. I skimmed one pamphlet that described plans for a Mt. Kilomanjaro climb in Kenya and filed it in a corner of my desk pile as being impossible. But as I reread the brochure several times over the ensuing weeks I began to think, “why not?” “What am I waiting for?” Eventually I sent in a deposit and had another goal for which I needed to maintain regular workouts.