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  • are you engaging me to really understand me? Look around humans, society, earth, the cosmos are in constant change. That’s my religious belief if you want to classify it as that. Reality is what you make of it, perhaps it’s stupid for you. That’s only a perspective. I mean the end of the world was […]

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    Yes, it’s a devastating time in the world, how one thing in a seemingly far away country has a direct effect on us.  What can we do about it, other than donate money, clothes or other helpful items?  Well, in addition to that send your unconditional love. “But how?” you say, “when I feel so […]

  • My friend sent this to me, it was probably from a newsletter from SERI-Worldwide, a website dedicated to the study and information regarding subtle energy. I find this information to be aligned with what I have always felt about the new era of Aquarius/2012 Mayan prophecies.  Evolution has come in waves and I never believed in […]

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    People have asked me this question, how many sessions of Reiki and Energy Medicine should I have? And I always respond, “That depends on you.” And then the person looks at me very surprised. Yes, it depends on you and your needs. What is it that you want to have happen, what expectations do you […]

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