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I Quit!

July 24th, 2006

I’m going to do it! I’m quiting my job.

I can’t stand it anymore.  Sitting on my arse for eight hours a day.  I am not meant to do this, I need a job where I can be active and feel like I’ve earned my money or at the very least something challenging.

I’ve spent the last few hours typing out a letter of resignation and another letter that my boss will conveniently find two weeks after I am gone.  The second letter contains a few home truths and a big speech about how I could not live myself if I ever turned into a greedy, power obsessed asshole.  I’m sure she’ll find it quite educational.

I have thought of telling her to her face but I need a reference from her first.

I have a few interviews lined up, one of which is today after I finish work.  I hope I get this one because I like the sound of it and it pays slightly more than my current salary.

But bollocks to it.  I know in my heart I loved being a chef and now it’s time to return to catering once more.

 Ah! I feel much better!

Oh! I met up with an old friend I worked with at my first job ever as a chef.  She is by far one of the funniest and prettiest girls I’ve ever met.  She’s a few plates short of a full set, a bit like myself but she makes me laugh… ALOT!

I’m hopefully going to see her again a on Saturday.  Should be quite interesting. There is no romance here as she is in a relationship and I have interests in someone else as you probably know from reading my previous posts.
This girl is just a very good friend who I’d lost contact with over the past few years and is great that we have had the chance to catch up.

I’ll be handing in my notice after lunch and if I know my boss she will react badly, become bitter and make my last week here hell. But we only live once and must do the things in life that make us happy because in the end that is all that matters.

It’s nearly time…

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Wine,Women & Work

July 12th, 2006

Just thought I’d have a ramble and an update on the last few weeks.

Firstly, Congratulations to my brother and sister in law who have a new arrival.  Her name is Grace and she was born on the 7th July and she’s really cute.  This now makes me an uncle of three as I also have twin nephews Connor and Ethan.  My brother and sisterin-law are proving to be a little baby assembly line.  My family always said I would be the first to settle and have kids.  How wrong they were! 


I still haven’t managed to get all my music on my ipod because it all needs tag editing and it is proving to be very time consuming.

My savings is are coming along well although I could be saving a lot more money if my friends weren’t such a bad influence on me (you know who you are).  I’ve been going out on the weekends drinking and generally acting like a teenager.  It has been so much fun!  We have started drinking in a bar in town which is open as late as most night clubs because the female to male ratio is amazing.  I’m not going to say what the bar is called because I want to continue being surrounded by b.e.a.utiful women.  Every time I have been to this bar I have ended up leaving a very lucky boy.  I guess my confidence is back to original form!  I still have a thing for the girl from Manchester but I am still single and have needs!

Adam and Me on a bus somewhere in Manchester

We haven’t been drinking stupidly all the time!  What do you take us for?  Last weekend myself and a few friends went to a woodland near by, built a fire and chatted a load of philosophical bollocks for a few hours. We also took pictures of cows!!


A Cow

Anyway enough cows.

Apart from my social life being back on form my work life is ever increasingly pissing me off!  I share my office with a woman who is also in the same boat as me.  We are under pressure from a power obsessed tart who has no idea, no people skills and sets ridiculously unrealistic deadlines! (She obviously slept her way to the top).  Everyday I want to tell her to stick her job because I’m going travelling but if I don’t stick to my job I won’t be going anywhere!  I have thought about going back to being a chef (for those of you who don’t know me I am a fully trained chef).  Why I ever left catering I’ll never know…  Thinking about it I did it for the money.  You get paid a lot more to sit on your arse for nine hours per day!

The woman I work with is currently looking for another job and I hope she gets one before I go away so I can see the look on my boss’s smug face!  If not I wish her luck after my departure as I’m sure she’ll be reading this. Good luck N!

As for me I am looking for a job half heartedly because I only have to stay here for another 5-6 months or so.  I have looked into catering but i’m unsure how much I have forgotten as I’ve been a pen pusher now for over a year.  Who knows.

As my old man used to say “Such is Life.  We’ll have to wait and see”.


Stay tuned…





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The ipod has landed

June 30th, 2006

I have bought a stylish black 60Gb ipod (the one that you can watch videos on) for £260.  Haven’t had chance to have a play yet because I’ve been a busy little bee.  On top of my 9-5 I’ve been sound engineering for Carling National Battle of the Bands and organising other forthcoming events.  But I’m in no rush, I’ve still got a ton of music to put on my computer.

I decided to play it easy with the mystery girl and then met someone else who I went out with last Saturday night.  I don’t know what it is but recently I have started to become more confident especially when it comes to women 🙂

I guess when you are in a relationship for so long your confidence takes a pounding. Weird. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quarter Life Crisis

June 21st, 2006

Well I’m 24!  How did I get here so fast.  My life has been a fair old roller coaster to say the least.  The quarter life crisis is well and truely set in.  I think I’m at the stage in life when you ask yourself ‘what the f*%? is going on in my life?’  Who knows, who actually cares?

Anyway, I have a bit of money in my savings and I get paid in a week so I’ll be adding alot more cash to my stash, minus the i-pod I will be buying for nearly £300!!  I’ve been asured that it will be a very good investment (if it’s not joe will die).  We’ll see…

I’ve been doing some serious thinking over the past week as I have a slight predicament. 

I met a girl a few weeks ago and we seem to get on really well.  She’s amazing.  We actually have loads in common and she seems to be on the same wave length as me.

So my predicament is that I’ve been down this road before.  I can see a relationship on the horizon but don’t want to commit myself to one because I have my heart set on going to australia around christmas/newyear. 

What does a boy do? Read the rest of this entry »

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Long Weekend Off!

June 6th, 2006

Today is my last day at work for a whole week and I’m preparing my liver for a good hammering!  I’ts my birthday the day after England play the first match of the world cup so a bout of binge drinking is on the cards. COME ON EN-GER-LAND!! (Drunken hooligan nob head voice)

I had some crazy news today.  One of my great mates has broken his hand and is having to have surgery and who knows when that may be knowing the fabulous NHS… Sounds quite bad I hear you say but it gets worse.  He is supposed to be leaving for a twelve month around the world trip on Friday!!!  He’s really quite down at the moment but i’m sure there will be something good to come out of the whole situation. (I’ve got my fingers crossed for you mate!)

adam and joe

I have been talking through my plans of escaping the evil clutches of the British government with more friends and I seem to be getting some good vibes off of everyone.  Thanks you guys!! You know who you are.  I’m rounding up things I used last time I went travelling and creating a list of things to buy. An i-pod is at the top as I have just acquired about 13 Gb of music on my Computer.


Anyway I’ll be finishing work shortly so I’d best be off to make my extended celebration weekend preparations.

 Stay tunes for silly pictures of the silly weekend.

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The beginning of the rest of my life

May 24th, 2006

Hello there and welcome to the beginning! 

I am 23 years old (24 in 2 weeks) and live in Preston, England. I am currently taking driving lessons as I have been doing on and off since I was 17( i’m not shit at driving, Honest! Just Lazy).  I work in Human Resources, I have been to University and have just recently split up with my girlfriend after 5 years. 

The ExMe and the ex in a pub in Sydney

Last year was the greatest year of my life and I accomplished so many things.  Last summer I went travelling around the globe and visited USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Africa.  It was the most amazing experience of my life to date.  My eyes were opened to different people, cultures and different landscapes.  I discovered alot about myself on my travels and would recommend that if you ever get the opportunity, DO IT and do not think twice!!!

However, the only down side is that I went with my girlfriend so every memory I have involves her in some way, and four months after getting back to this toilet that many refer to as England we broke up.  I don’t regret a single moment I spent with my girlfriend because we experienced so much and it was an experience to share so much time with someone so close. Read the rest of this entry »

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