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Our bags have been packed and dragged and were spending the next 24+ hours living in Puragatoy out of our carry-on Luggage. We dragged our bags upo the hill in the Galley Truck which was convienent. I decided not to pack a change of work clothes to be optimistic about getting out of here. I did manage to get my last free hair cut which was nice. I went to talk to the Computer techs but her help line was ringing off the hook so I left. I’ll figure it out on my own. We failed our room inspection. They came to inspect while we were away. We weren’t through packing and there was still some stuff laying around. It was kind of preturbing because it was a friend of mind who was doing the inspecting. I will most likely be playing fooseball against him tonight when I will be sure to get my revenge.
So the ball is rolling now. No moss here. It might be a while before we get to post again. We are hoping to be online sometime next week but we have a lot on our plate for the next few days. We mailed ourselves our cellphone from Italy. With the infrared ports on both computer and phone we should be able to connect from anywhere as soon as we get a SIM card and an ISP. I haven’t decided whether to change the name of the blog to reflect the next phase or just keep it the same We’ll let you know as soon as we get it sorted out.

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