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Ice Runway

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Oh yea!
Lovin’ the new location. Every morning I get to drive out to the Ice Runway in a catering truck with a 4×4 lift kit on it. We are only dealing with numbers under 100 rather than 1000. I have one Dining Room Attendant under me but we work together to get things done. We make two trips back to town a day over the sea ice to pick up food at the main galley. Right now there is a lot of time to walk around and check out the airport scene (which is pretty deserted most of the time). Next week the C-130s will be coming in. There are 4 of them (I think) and they make almost daily trips to South Pole to bring supplies fo rthe new building going up there which is todays link:
Luci has worked her schedule in order to fill in on sundays to give my DA her day off. We still have the same days off so our schedules are still favorable. Yesterday (my first on the runway) was great. In the morning the Italians arrived on a c17 from christchurch. Luci has an “in” in Helo Ops who has arranged for her to be the interpreter for them. She was flown out to the Airstrip in grand style in one of the 4 Helocopters used to transport the Italians to their base about 140 miles away at Terra Nova Bay. They came into my Cafeteria for coffee before they flew out again and we chatted for a few minutes. Nice to use italian again although it has been less than a month since we left Italy. In the afternoon a C-141 came in with cargo.


Today another c17 came in with about 100 new arrivals. It left soon after it arrived. Our lunch was busy (23people) but dinner was almost non-existent. We serve mostly Fuelies, Cargo, and the Fire Dept. When there is no plane, there are no people except the tower and the weather people.

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  1. Craig Powell says:


    Can anyone give me a contact for employment on C-130s on the ice? I was in VXE-6 down there in 86-88, and I’d like to return again some day. I am a aircraft mechanic, currently working on the east coast of the US.

    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.



  2. tom says:

    looking for a job down there i was in the military for three years and can drive just about any thing with an