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ITASE Arrives at South Pole

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Luke at The South Pole

We finally rolled into South Pole Station at about 09:30 on Christmas Eve; just in time for Christmas dinner. The whole expedition went quite smoothly.  Luci and I have been here all week parked out back packing up the all the equipment to ship back to McMurdo. 

I just realized that the link to the Offical ITASE Logbook I posted in my last entry was incorrect. This link is the correct one if you are interested in the day by day activities of our traverse group. I regret not being able to keep my own log up but it has been an exceptionally bad season for Iridium Comms.  Even here at Pole there is ony a small window early in the morning.  I hope to get a few more pictures up when I get back to McMurdo next week.

Happy New Year to all.