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Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

Happy Halloween.jpg

This picture is from the Fuel pit at the runway. It has been busier since the 109th wing of the NY national Guard arrived. Scheduling can be hectic. There is no existing system to obtain counts. Tonight, for example, we prepared for 70 people and had only 15. Apparently there is a storm on the way so all the flights were canceled and the ANG fled to town without informing the kitchen. Either way we end up with about the same amount of work just more leftovers and waste. We have been working 11 hr days 6 days a week. Today I found out they are going to be cutting us a break and giving us Sunday mornings off to make up for the overtime (time over 60hrs a week). My regular co-worker is getting Fridays off so Luci will be covering a full day with me out at the runway.
So tomorrow is our one precious day off a week. As I am never in town when offices are open I have been putting off all my mailing and errands until tomorrow. Yesterday I found out that I have been selected for the SAR team tryouts. Every year the base puts together a secondary team of Search and Rescue volunteers. There are many applicants of which only 15 are selected for a selective training (meaning=tryout) half of which become part of the secondary SAR team. It is usually comprised of winter-overs but, if there is a sufficiently qualified summer employee they sometimes make the final cut. So tomorrow is the day we go out in the field and show out mountaineering, teamwork and leadership skills. I spent last night and today racking my brain for what I learned in Wilderness First Responder and for knots and techniques for crevasse rescue. With limited written resources and scarce mountaineering equipment which is reserved for ?scientific research? I have not been able to fully refresh my memory concerning certain aspects of SAR that I am cloudy on. I really want to make it on this team because it would be really helpful when going to look for work for next year and they conduct monthly ?training exercises? which gives me an excuse to get out of work and gives me an avenue to get out of town.
So it looks like my errands will have to wait another week to get done. Hopefully I?ll get some good pictures out of it if nothing else. With my long days out at the runway it has been hard to keep my postings up to date. I am still working on getting a dial-up authorization for our room but it doesn?t look good. It looks like I?ll be jockeying for a terminal or a LAN port for a while to come. There was talk about getting one port in each dorm but I am not holding my breath.
Another one of our friends from the AMC in NH, Kara, arrived day-before-yesterday on her way to pole. She was supposed to leave this morning but the flight was canceled. I haven?t seen her again. Probably won?t until February. Adrienne, another AMC, friend is supposed to arrive on Fridays c-141 flight also bound for pole after a short layover here in Mac Town. I am going to try to make it out to meet the plane. When I tried to meet Kara I did not play my cards right and was denied access to the apron. This time I have the firefighters on my side.
A Roby e Ivo, voglio scrivere un po in ?anglo-italiano?. Di solitio lascio questo per Luciana perche’ non voglio pubblicizzare la mia incompetenza. Oggi era previsto un volo della Aviazione Neozelandese con un gruppo d?italiani e anche, credo, un elicottero intero a bordo. Il programma Italiano noleggia un c-130 Hercules per la stagione estiva e lo usano per portare rinfornimenti e attrezzature pesanti dal mondo vero. Il volo e? stato cancellato pero’ a causa del brutto tempo. Si fermeranno solo per un breve tempo per prendere carburante prima di partire per Terra Nova. Se arrivano domani, non li vedremo perche’ e’ nostro giorno libero. Pero’, se fa brutto tempo ancora un altro giorno, forse si fermeranno da noi per un caffe come l?altra volta. Saluto tutti alla GeAmCo. Ciao.

Keep the comments rolling in. It is great to hear from people we haven?t heard from in a long time, like Laura and Tracey. Bye for now.

Midnight Sun

Saturday, October 25th, 2003

First Herc.jpg

The Polies made it out today. There was quite a bit of traffic out at the Runway today. The 130s flew out to pole and back; 4 Twin otters arrived from the traverse from Chile; and a 141 and a 17 arrived from Christchurch with 12000lbs of fresh food and 6000lbs of mail. Tonight the entire fleet of 9 aircraft are docked out at the runway.
Today I was reprimanded for fixing the slicer. What has always been an asset to all kitchens I have ever worked in, my ability to fix almost anything, is considered grounds for reprimand and loss of bonus here. It is going to be strange when I get back to the real world with all these un-productive and un-creative habits I have developed working for Raytheon.
Reality is beginning to become abstract here. What has always been right is wrong in this synthesized world and, most profoundly, it is light all the time! Here is a picture taken at midnight last night.

Midnight Son.jpg

At long-last!

Saturday, October 25th, 2003

Ob Hill Recon.jpg

My dream has come true! Snowboarding on a polar ice cap. Raytheon has a new policy allowing alpine skiing (including snowboarding) around the base. Previously only x-country skiing ... [Continue reading this entry]

Un’altra settimana

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

Eccoci qua. Un altro mercoledi' pomeriggio. Ho appena finito di lavorare e domani e' il mio giorno libero, non riesco a credere che un'altra settimana sia gia' volata via!!! In ogni caso, stasera c'e' una degustazione di vini al Cafe' ... [Continue reading this entry]

AM Commute to the Ice Runway

Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
Morning Comute.jpg The runway scene has been pretty relaxing. This is a picture of my morning commute. It is a great change from the 800+ people they are serving in the dining room these days. ... [Continue reading this entry]

Ice Runway

Saturday, October 18th, 2003

Ice Runway Galley.jpg

Oh yea!
Lovin' the new location. Every morning I get to drive out to the Ice Runway in a catering truck with a 4x4 lift kit on it. We are ... [Continue reading this entry]

Gli Italiani

Friday, October 17th, 2003
La giornata di oggi e' cominciata sotto i migliori auspici. Gia' alle 5:30 della mattina il sole era caldo e splendente, mentre il vento, per quanto presente, non dava per niente fastidio. Mi sono recata al lavoro come al solito, ma ... [Continue reading this entry]

Out in the Field

Thursday, October 16th, 2003

L. Razorback Island Seal Camp.jpg

Exciting day! I called Joe, the solar guy, this morning to see if I could come over and check out the shop. He said that he ... [Continue reading this entry]

Eccoci qua

Thursday, October 16th, 2003
Dopo tre anni di tentativi siamo finalmente qui in Antartide, a McMurdo. Siamo arrivati a fine Settembre e gia' adesso ci sentiamo a casa. Si lavora tanto, ma le giornate sembrano volare via. Quando siamo arrivati il sole tramontava ancora e ... [Continue reading this entry]


Tuesday, October 14th, 2003

I passed the Safe Serve exam with flying colors! Now I am paranoid about touching anything in the kitchen for fear of contaminants. I guess that is the idea, isn't it.

I got an e-mail from the guy ... [Continue reading this entry]