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San Francisco 2

Didn’t get much sleep my 2nd night here due to a party being held at the place I was staying.  Fortunately, I’m used to no sleep now and this didn’t stop me heading out the next morning, if slightly later than usual.  I walked to Golden Gate park, a very large park stretching into the city from the pacific.  The park was pretty busy with people walking and biking all over the place.  After scoffing at the $5 they wanted for admission to the Japanese tea gardens I walked around the largely unimpressive botanical gardens.  It was mainly just loads of plants from around the world with labels in front of them, they could learn a thing or two about making botanical gardens from Sydney.

Golden Gate park

I continued towards the pacific along the edge of the park, passing through a district of asian shops and restaurants.  Stopped for some rice candies, hadn’t had those since I was in Korea.  Green tea is the best flavour.  Exhausted by the time I got to the beach, and the weather wasn’t good for beach life, coolish and very windy as soon as I cleared the dunes.  I stopped at a cafe for lunch instead of staying at the beach longer.

pacific beach

Next stop was the golden gate bridge, one of the place I did hit up last year but decided to go back to since the cloud ceiling was a bit higher than it was last time.  Still dark clouds were coming in fast and I thought better of my original idea of walking all the way across the bridge.

golden gate bridge

downtown SF from the bridge

After leaving the bridge, only one place I was heading, Japan town.  This time on a bus though.  I finally found a restaurant with my favourite Japanese food, Okonomiyaki.  Had a slightly different take on it and left very satisfied.

That concludes my 3 day stay in San Francisco, as the rain and my tired feet brought an end to my exploration slightly early.  It really is a beautiful, if expensive city.  Friendly people and the multicultural aspect of it is great, I notice this more after coming from Latin America.  Hence the Japanese food binging the last few days.

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