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I left Miami in the morning for Chicago, flying domestically is so easy, especially since I’m not checking in any luggage now.  I only have to arrive an hour before the flight at the airport, don’t have to fill out customs forms or go through immigration on arrival either.  Much less time taken up at airports, in and out.

Couchsurfed in Chicago for a couple nights, went to my favourite pizza joints, a couple great bars I know and ended my stay at a weekly couchsurfing meetup until the wee hours.  Walking around the city over the two days I was reminded how much I like it.  Great weather, great pizza, great beer…what more could you want?

After 4 days back in the US, (2 after Miami), I’m almost getting used to people speaking English around me, almost.  So far since being back, I’m appalled by the amount of fat people everywhere, enthralled by the amount of great beer available to me, annoyed by all the starbucks and mcdonalds etc everywhere, enjoying the amount of English being spoken around me, and, most importantly I’m having a blast.

Next stop, San Francisco via the last flight of my round the world ticket.  One year to the day after I was there last year.

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