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Behind the scenes at Pupuseria Josefina

A Salvadorña marries busman7 and opens a Pupuseria at Rancho Las Brisas.

New location

June 8th, 2015




La Pupuseria Josefina de Rancho Las Brisas is opening a new location

across from Escolar Playa San Diego.

This location will be open for breakfast and lunch weekdays


with the original lo9cation at the Rancho being open weekends

also serving cold beer.






December 18th, 2014

The menu at La Pupuseria Josefina de Rancho Las Brisas offers 14 pupusas:

mi gustan las pupusas

1) de Mora (Berry)

2) de Chipilin (similar to Spinach)

3) de Cochinito (similar to Spinich)

4) de Espinaca (Spinach)

5) de Cilantro (Parsley)

6) de Ayote (Pumpkin)

7) de Loroco (an aromatic flower)

8) de Queso y Frijoles (Cheese and Beans) {The Favourite}

9) de Revueltas y Frijoles y Queso ou Chicuron

10) de Pollo (Chicken)

11) de Atún (Tuna)

12) de Camerón (Shrimp)

13) de Pescado (Fish)

14) de LOCO (Crazy, a bit of Everything)


 Café ORO

Pilsner, Golden, Regia and Corona beer


Pan Dulce 004


Navidad venga

December 7th, 2014

Only 18 days to Christmas
Don’t miss out on a quiet holiday vacation a liesurly stroll from the beach.

There is still time to book your holiday room at Rancho Las Brisas.

Free continental breakfast featuring El Salvadorian Oro coffee, fresh bread delivered daily, local fruit served.

Pupuseria Josefina open for supper during the holiday week also serving Oro coffee, Pilsner, Golden and Regia beer with assorted pan dulce for desert plus coconuts from our own trees.

Bus service to La Libertad every 1/2 hr is only 23cents.

Book now while there are still rooms left.

email: or call (503) 7993-0811


Dia Nacional de la Pupusa

November 8th, 2014

El Salvador has legislated the Pupusa the national dish which, as with many other things, has it’s own national day:

The pupusas are the "national dish of El Salvador", because of their indigenous origin and popular acceptance, (y) in order to celebrate this culinary invention belonging to the culture of the Salvadoran people, declare yourself the second Sunday of the month November each year "National Day of pupusas"

Legislative Decree No. 655

This weekend La Pupuseria Josefina will be celebrating El Dia Nacional de las Pupusas!

If you’re in the area drop in Sat/Sun evenings Nov 8/9, 5:30 – 8:00 pm, mention this blog post for a 10% discount.


Sunday evening at the Pupuseria

October 15th, 2014

A repeat customer and friend stopped by Sunday after a day of house hunting to relax and have supper before heading home Monday.

We enjoyed a couple beers while shooting the breeze and discussing business opportunities in El Salvador.



Pupusas Salvadoreña

October 10th, 2014

Todos La ´Pupusa no es egual – All Pupusas are not created equal

Big pupusa

Tenemos Pupusas para todos, ya sea, Vegano, Vegeterian, o te gusta la carne.

We have Pupusas for all, whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, or love your meat.

En su difente variedades          – They come in many different varieties

Pupusa de Mora                        – The berry of a local plant added for spice

Pupusas de mora

Pupusa de Chipilin                    – A green similar to spinach

Pupusa de Chipilin a

Pupusa de Cochinito                 – Another green similar to spinach

Pupusa de Cochinito

Pupusa de Espinaca                 – Spinach

Pupusa de Espinaca

Pupusa de Cinantro y queso        – Similar to parsley with cheese

 Popusa de Cilantro y queso

Pupusa de Ayote                       – Central American pumpkin

Pupusa de Ayote

Pupusa de Loroco                     – An aromatic flower

Pupusa de Loroco

Pupusa de Frijol y Queso          – Beans & Cheese

Pupusa de frijol y Queso

Pupusa de Atún                        – Tuna

Pupusa de Atún a

Pupusa de Pescado                  – Fish of the day

Pupusa de Pescado

Pupusa de Camarón                 – Shrimp

Pupusa de Camarón

Pupusa de Pollo                        – Chicken

Pupusa de Pollo

Pupusa de Revueltas, Queso, Chicarron y Frijol – Mixed spices, Cheese, Pork, Beans

Pupusa de Chicharron y Revueltas

Pupusa Loca                              – A bit of Everything

Pupusa Loca 1

La famosa pupusas locas con todos los ingredientes

El queso pude ser avalido a todos y otra combinaciones a su gusto.

Cheese can be ordered with all and combinations to suit your taste.

Fabricada con masa preperada com maiz o masa de arroz.

Made with Corn or rice flour.

¡Todas muy deliciosas loso lo disfrutas en el salvador!

All are very delicious, enjoy your time in El Salvador!


Now Open weekends and holidays

September 19th, 2014

On August 30, 2014 La Pupuseria Josefina opened for the first time.


Selling pupusas with a variety of fillings.

Business was brisk and the ingredients were gone by closing time


Hello World Traveller!

September 19th, 2014

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