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Happy 4th of July!

After more than two years of travel, we’ve come to appreciate some of the many things that make America such a great place to live. We thought we’d share some of them with you on this 231st birthday of the USA.

– Supermarkets. Enormous variety of food available.
– Fixed prices, and everybody pays the same regardless of who they are.
– Orderly queues.
– Book stores. Easy to find the book (or more specifically, guidebook) you want.
– Posted hours that are convenient and usually kept.
– Few security checkpoints and not many big guns on the streets.
– Not many excretory functions allowed in public.
– Sidewalks, cross walks, and traffic stops for pedestrians (usually).
– You go to what you want rather than having things you don’t want come to you.
– No touts.
– You’re not seen as a walking dollar sign.
– Small money and change is not a problem. Even at banks.
– Nice and free public toilets, everywhere.
– Included stuff (like bread, chips & salsa, napkins) at restaurants is free.
– Anonimity.
– Can wear anything and not be considered a prostitute.
– Can cross legs (man style) in public.
– PDA is okay.
– Good roads and fast transport.
– Things are generally well maintained.
– Not many regions you are not permitted to go.
– No landmines.
– Emergency services. Ambulance. Fire fighters. 911. Police.
– Good medical care.
– Cheap gas. And yes, we do mean $3.00/gallon is cheap gas.
– Child labor laws.
– School.
– Animal cruelty laws.
– No begging by people who don’t need it.
– No kids asking for school pens, sweets, or money.
– Quiet.
– Clean. Trashcans and litter laws.
– Running and hot water.
– Reliable power (well, maybe not in California).
– Service. The customer is almost always right.
– People feel comfortable saying “I don’t know.” (No face saving wrong answers.)
– Street signs and numbers that usually make sense.
– Tolerance of different things and people.
– Quality stuff available (it’s not all junk).
– Hair clippers with power.
– Ice in drinks.
– Frozen cookie dough.
– Screens on windows.
– Soap.
– Hygiene; rarely need cipro.
– The water is safe to drink and brush your teeth with.
– Good and cheap toilet paper (and plumbing that can handle it).
– Toilet seats that fit the rim and actually stay up on their own.
– Not many bikes, donkey carts, cows, dogs, tractors on the freeway.
– Seatbelts.
– Low horn use.
– Headlights used at night on cars.
– Nescafe is not considered coffee.
– No forced military service (yet).
– Not many bad odors (we’re ignoring the area around Harris Ranch here).
– No smoking laws.
– Vaccinated pets.
– Women’s equality.
– Staring is considered rude.
– Attitude towards western women is not determined entirely from porn.
– Quality travel/outdoor gear available.
– Air conditioning and heaters.
– Screens on windows.
– Life is easy. Nothing makes you appreciate how good you have it like visiting places where everyday life is a struggle.

Happy 4th!


5 Responses to “Happy 4th of July!”

  1. kiwon Says:

    Cheers to that. When’s the next RTW trip? 😉

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  3. ¡Viejo Papá De la Inflamación! Says:

    …and loving family to welcome you home.

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  5. Michael - Kel's Bro Says:

    Maybe its the accountant in me, but “Screen Windows” was listed twice. My staff would receive a review point for that. I think a lot of folks in Indiana don’t realize how good they have it, and I try not to take it for granted.

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  7. K&M Says:

    Mike – We REALLY like screens on windows. 🙂 It’s really nice when you’re not being eaten by mosquitos all night.

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  9. Kirsten Walsh Says:

    I am sorry it has been such a long time since I have visited your sight. I love the list. I can totally relate from all my travels. Some made me laugh out loud, and some made me just shake my head. I am going to put your blog as a link on my blog. I think it is worth others to read, since it is so well done. I think I might have given you my blog info, but if you are interested here it is again. Certainly it is just a “mommy” blog. But now and again there are interesting things on it. Miss reading the daily dose of Mark and Kelly. Please add as you reflect on the trip. Some after thoughts can be very amusing. Kirsten

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