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out the front window of the back van

written by the mother – travelling photographs by the eldest son (fort photos by mother)
On the outskirts of Hexham again, back in the same spot as two nights ago

Today’s blog post is brought to you courtesy of Jboy13, who sat with camera in hand and snapped through our dirty windscreen. Sorry he couldn’t capture the stomach-in-mouth feeling as we went through not one, but two, “severe dips”. Apologies too, that he totally botched the photo of us passing another vehicle on the narrow lane! But the picture he managed was enough to indicate there was not a huge quantity of road for anyone else…..unless, of course, they were a pheasant. That bird raced the van up the road for about twenty metres!!!!! Which would be the perfect time to tell you that every time we see a bird (or animal) on the road the inevitable, “Why did the XYZ cross the road?” gets asked. Sometimes solutions are sought. Sometimes we just giggle together. You see, on one particular trip in Laos we saw so many chickens crossing the road that we lost count. We may even have blogged about it. But ever since then, the question has HAD to be asked whenever we have seen something non-vehicular on the road.
Anyway, here are a few of Jboy13’s random shots from today’s journey:

(Sidetrack: the views are never as exciting here as in Asia – there are no motorbikes laden with pigs or five people, there are no big bundles of who-knows-what, there are no haystacks cycling up the road…..)

But that is not to say excitement is lacking….here are some action shots from our Housesteads Roman Fort visit:

Time on the road: need to check Jboy13’s record!
Distance covered: 54km

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4 responses to “out the front window of the back van”

  1. Sharonnz says:

    Love it. Thanks J (whom I think about every time I make “that” chocolate cake).

  2. Allie says:

    That looks like great fun!

  3. Fiona Taylor says:

    The ultimate ‘knights game’ location!!!

  4. nova says:

    heh heh a little nugget from home – they’ve had to take the male pheasant off display at the zoo because it was chasing everyone that walked past it’s cage.. naturally all the visiting kids had discovered this & were making it run backwards & forwards all day, which resulted in it suffering from high blood pressure & feather loss from the stress! your one must have thought you were after its mate! 😉

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